About Wevly



Wevly Wilson’s journey began in a small southern town along the banks of the Mississippi River, where she dreamed of designing beautiful gowns for celebrities in New York City.  After going the more traditional route of earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees and working in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, she decided to uproot her comfortable life by selling everything and moving to New York to attend the world renowned Parsons School of Design.  While Wevly’s interests evolved into shoe and accessories design, she actually studied fashion and spent a summer studying at the famous Central Saint Martin’s School of Design in London, where notable alumni include Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.  She also studied the art of shoemaking from Cordwainers (also in London), where Jimmy Choo honed his skills.

 After interning at both Donna Karan Collection and Calvin Klein, Wevly gained valuable experience designing footwear and accessories for several major retailers.  Wevly teaches an accessories design class at her alma mater, Parsons.  The talent of the students really inspired her to finally pursue another lifelong dream of starting her on line.  Wevly is a member of the Tory Burch Foundation Women's Entrepreneur organization.